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I love to dance and sing
Music is everything
I hear and feel such passion move through me
I can’t help but move my feet
My heart burst out across my lips
As the melody takes over me.

The drums beat sends me
The piano owns me
The strings touch my heart
The strings of the guitar and the harp
The violin so sad and sweet
Soulful and so spiritual
Music swirling sends me twirling

Like a child again
I am wild again
I freed by this passion
Fiery euphoria sweep me up
I fly to the stars
I grove hard

Music, music be my muse
I swing as I move
Fluid as the waves of bliss that send me
Send me, ohhh send me
Send me to sweet poetry
Oh the dance of life it courses through the score

Fiero, sotto voce, furioso
Boldly, softly, wildly
Take me to the angels
Take my body and my soul
I sing and dance
I make music for the sake of it.

Ohhhoohhhooh Bliss!




Sweet and tender flesh
How I love the feel of a soft caress
To watch the candle light dance
To taste the finest wine
The flesh it is divine

My soft round breast
I hold my babe close
I nurture life from my own
Little one drink from me
From my soul

My breast they hold you
I hold my lover within them
I hold his head so gently
Within the warmth of me
Lovingly I expose my vulnerability

My supple body brings forth life
I feel it take up inside
The quickening of tiny feet
I feel the fluttering deep in me
Nothing more could feel so right

I love the sunlight on my skin
The green grass beneath my bare feet
The wind it touches me
The sweetness of abundance nourishes me
All is right

Velvet skin holds my soul in
Satin hair crowns my head
My delicateness is wonderful
My existence is bliss
Oh how I love my skin.



Sweet sorrow
Sweet like the summer rain
Moist and tender like my heart
I surrender

I give in to the pain
I release myself to the rain
I fall softly in to myself
I surrender

I let go of control
I know to fight the tears is pointless
I cry
I surrender

My heart it bleeds
The red fresh pain released
I feel at least
I surrender

My heart so tender
Raw and alive
Oh how I cry
I surrender

I love the hurt
The pain it teaches me
Who I am supposed to be
I surrender

I surrender all of me



Oh love where have you gone
Oh wisdom where do you hide
Oh holy of holies bring in the light
Oh mother of all creation make yourself known

We have pushed you aside
In our fear we turned away from your grace
We have forgotten the sacred heart
In our blindness we turn to hate

Oh bride of God
Oh sweet heart of humanity
Oh come and save me
Oh Sophia I miss you so

You are the soul of all
You are the Holy Spirit
You have spoken but not been heard
You need us to feel you

Oh Sophia rise into the light
Oh bride of Universe
Oh sing to our souls
Oh Sophia make yourself known

Hidden away in plain sight
Hidden in joy
Hidden in a child’s first cry
Hidden in the miracle of life

Oh Sophia rise to your thrown
Oh Sophia Queen of the sky
Oh Sophia wed compassion
Oh Sophia we have missed you so.



The world will try to keep you down
Some will tell you that you are crazy
Some will be so very cruel
Some will tell you who to be and what to do
Some will deliberately hurt you


You will stand up and live your dreams
You will stand up and you will scream
You will stand up and stomp your feet
You will be heard and be seen
You will be who God meant you to be


They may make you cry
They may make you wonder why
They may make you question everything
They may make you angry
They may make you fight


You do what is right
You make a difference in the world
You love
You be true
You do what is right for everyone and you


Live in your heart
Live your dreams
Live your life
Live to be
Live be to free




I surrender to love
I give myself into love
I purify myself for you
No one else can compare to you
The past means nothing but stepping stones
The past is the path that leads me to you
I rise up into your arms
Holding on to your heart
I release my shame
I release my pain
I let my heartache from the others drift away
I prepare myself for this day
The day that we become one
The day that love won
I cleanse myself from my sin
I clean myself from within
I let go of the old
I am renewed through me and you
It is this sacred love that had made me new
The past is over
My heart is white and pure
Pure with gentleness
Pure as the fresh driven snow
Pure as a diamond in the sun
Pure for a new day
A new day has begun.

Truly Loving You

Truly Loving You

To truly love you I must forgive the things that you do
I have to see and understand that you are imperfect just like me
To really love you I must accept all of you
I love you for you
To truly love you I must stand my ground
I cannot let you push me around
I have to set boundaries down
To love you I must teach you how to treat me
I love you in spite of you
To truly love you I must be happy without you
I have to know and love myself
I have to respect myself to respect you in return
To love you I must glow on my own
I love you and me too
To truly love you I must let go of the past
I have to be with you in the moment
To really love you we must move forward together
To love you I have to let go of you
I love you without condition
To truly love you I must see you past myself
I have to see you as an individual with a life of you own
To really love you I have to set you free
To love you I let you soar
I truly love you.



What if I said to you, it is all right to feel blue?
What if I held you close to my heart and let you cry?
What if I understood your pain?
What if I didn’t make you feel ashamed?
What if I offered you comfort instead of blame?

This is the heart of compassion.

What if I let you talk until you’re done?
What if I stayed with you through and through?
What if I wiped away your tears and cried with you?
What if I didn’t tell you to get over it?
What if I stayed strong for you through your weakness?

This is the heart of compassion.

What if through my past pain I learned to care?
What if I learned mercy and released bitterness?
What if I chose to take up wisdom instead being a victim?
What if I shared my treasure with you?
What if through my understanding I could help you?

This is the heart of compassion.

What if I opened my heart instead of closed it?
What if I used my own lessons to unfold it?
What if I chose to show tenderness instead of selfishness?
What if I held my hands out to lift you up?
What if I brought hope to the hopeless?

This is the heart of compassion.

True To Me

True To Me

I can reach out to you
I can tell you how I feel and be true
But you only want me to fit into a category in your life.

You have so much more going on
I am only a tiny piece of pleasure to you
You will never invite me in completely
You will hold me at arm’s length because you don’t trust me.

I can feel I will be tested constantly
I can feel that my boundaries will be crossed
I feel my needs will be ignored for you yours
You have a plan as to how you want me to be for you

You want only the best of me
You want only what will make you happy
You will not see what I need
You will not comfort me when I am sad

I know in my heart that I am just a second thought
I am just scratched in at the last moment
I don’t have a place in your real life and I know it
I am just amusement.

I am in your life to give you pleasure
I am in your life to pass some free time with
But I know I am not important to you
I am over looked for who I really am

I know it in my heart
I want to lie and tell myself it isn’t cold like this
I want to lie and tell myself it isn’t just business
But you will never truly invite me in to your heart
I know it.

White Goddess

Heaven Sent

Heaven sent me to love,
Heaven filled me with light,
A light so bright,
Soft and white,
To pull you into my heart.

Heaven sent me to you,
To show you the right thing to do,
I am filled with warmth,
To comfort you,
I am here for you.

Heaven sent me to guide,
I am the pureness of truth,
I am to show you,
I will bring you joy.

Heaven sent me to understand,
To show and bring wisdom in,
Into your heart,
To show you,
The soul you are.

Heaven sent me here,
To help and protect,
I am here to reminded you,
You are all,
You are light.

Heaven sent I am,
I illuminate,
I shine,
I bring in a higher way,
A pathway to the stars.

Heaven sent me to open your heart,
To show you the way through,
I will walk with you,
Through the pain and fear,
To bring you back,
To love.

Heaven sent the light,
The light is love,
Through the heart,
We all are saved,
We all have Heaven.