Pain into Treasure

by Grace

I do not regret a single word that I have writen on my blog. Through writing my blog I have found myself; I know myself and to know yourself is the greatest treasure of all, because to know yourself is to be true to yourself and to be true to yourself brings you into the light.

Every post on this blog is like a piece of treasured gold; every post makes up the treasure chest that is my heart; every writing came from my heart. I did bare my soul and by doing so I help to lead by example; facebook friends, readers off of the net that google and other bloggers who read my post, learn that they are not alone in thier own journey and experiences.

I wouldn’t not change a day of my life; I would not change the past; even those that I loved that have passed on, I wouldn’t change that either; because of the lessons and the wisdom gained through the pain of having to learn to live without them. I believe it was meant to happen the way it did; and I believe it is the same way for us all. If we have the courage and the strength to face pain we do gain; we gain more of ourselves, we gain intense personal and spiritual growth. Most of all we glean what we have all come to the Earth School to gain; that is wisdom.

I have learned; the most important lesson of all; that is service. I exposed my heart to help others heal. It is in the service of helping others that the greatest treasure exists.

I had to write to help myself first so that I could truly help others; I had to be true to me to learn about truth.

I hope I have served you well; I hope that I have shown you the human experience; most of all I hope that I have shined the light on your very soul, to show you how indestructable that we all are.

Nothing in more priceless as the human spirit; like the diamond; nothing is as strong as our divinity.

I wish to give you, you.