by Grace


I love to dance and sing
Music is everything
I hear and feel such passion move through me
I can’t help but move my feet
My heart burst out across my lips
As the melody takes over me.

The drums beat sends me
The piano owns me
The strings touch my heart
The strings of the guitar and the harp
The violin so sad and sweet
Soulful and so spiritual
Music swirling sends me twirling

Like a child again
I am wild again
I freed by this passion
Fiery euphoria sweep me up
I fly to the stars
I grove hard

Music, music be my muse
I swing as I move
Fluid as the waves of bliss that send me
Send me, ohhh send me
Send me to sweet poetry
Oh the dance of life it courses through the score

Fiero, sotto voce, furioso
Boldly, softly, wildly
Take me to the angels
Take my body and my soul
I sing and dance
I make music for the sake of it.

Ohhhoohhhooh Bliss!