by Grace


Sweet and tender flesh
How I love the feel of a soft caress
To watch the candle light dance
To taste the finest wine
The flesh it is divine

My soft round breast
I hold my babe close
I nurture life from my own
Little one drink from me
From my soul

My breast they hold you
I hold my lover within them
I hold his head so gently
Within the warmth of me
Lovingly I expose my vulnerability

My supple body brings forth life
I feel it take up inside
The quickening of tiny feet
I feel the fluttering deep in me
Nothing more could feel so right

I love the sunlight on my skin
The green grass beneath my bare feet
The wind it touches me
The sweetness of abundance nourishes me
All is right

Velvet skin holds my soul in
Satin hair crowns my head
My delicateness is wonderful
My existence is bliss
Oh how I love my skin.