by Grace


Oh love where have you gone
Oh wisdom where do you hide
Oh holy of holies bring in the light
Oh mother of all creation make yourself known

We have pushed you aside
In our fear we turned away from your grace
We have forgotten the sacred heart
In our blindness we turn to hate

Oh bride of God
Oh sweet heart of humanity
Oh come and save me
Oh Sophia I miss you so

You are the soul of all
You are the Holy Spirit
You have spoken but not been heard
You need us to feel you

Oh Sophia rise into the light
Oh bride of Universe
Oh sing to our souls
Oh Sophia make yourself known

Hidden away in plain sight
Hidden in joy
Hidden in a child’s first cry
Hidden in the miracle of life

Oh Sophia rise to your thrown
Oh Sophia Queen of the sky
Oh Sophia wed compassion
Oh Sophia we have missed you so.