True To Me

by Grace

True To Me

I can reach out to you
I can tell you how I feel and be true
But you only want me to fit into a category in your life.

You have so much more going on
I am only a tiny piece of pleasure to you
You will never invite me in completely
You will hold me at arm’s length because you don’t trust me.

I can feel I will be tested constantly
I can feel that my boundaries will be crossed
I feel my needs will be ignored for you yours
You have a plan as to how you want me to be for you

You want only the best of me
You want only what will make you happy
You will not see what I need
You will not comfort me when I am sad

I know in my heart that I am just a second thought
I am just scratched in at the last moment
I don’t have a place in your real life and I know it
I am just amusement.

I am in your life to give you pleasure
I am in your life to pass some free time with
But I know I am not important to you
I am over looked for who I really am

I know it in my heart
I want to lie and tell myself it isn’t cold like this
I want to lie and tell myself it isn’t just business
But you will never truly invite me in to your heart
I know it.