White Goddess

by Grace

Heaven Sent

Heaven sent me to love,
Heaven filled me with light,
A light so bright,
Soft and white,
To pull you into my heart.

Heaven sent me to you,
To show you the right thing to do,
I am filled with warmth,
To comfort you,
I am here for you.

Heaven sent me to guide,
I am the pureness of truth,
I am to show you,
I will bring you joy.

Heaven sent me to understand,
To show and bring wisdom in,
Into your heart,
To show you,
The soul you are.

Heaven sent me here,
To help and protect,
I am here to reminded you,
You are all,
You are light.

Heaven sent I am,
I illuminate,
I shine,
I bring in a higher way,
A pathway to the stars.

Heaven sent me to open your heart,
To show you the way through,
I will walk with you,
Through the pain and fear,
To bring you back,
To love.

Heaven sent the light,
The light is love,
Through the heart,
We all are saved,
We all have Heaven.