Worthy of Love

by Grace

I am Worthy of Love

I am worthy of love, because I am love

I am the energy of everything and everything that was created for love

For the love of creation, creation sprang

And I am everything and everything is me

I am worthy

Oh pain colors everything a shade of gray

And we like to spread our pain around to make less to carry

Yes we bury our fears on the shoulder of others

And so it is we forget we are all love and loved

We put the pain above love

We struggle under the heavy heart as we feel we are all a part

But we are not, we are all loved

We tell ourselves that it’s not true

Why would others hurt you if you are lovable?

It is just pain and regret of unforgiven weakness,

If we can forgive ourselves we can share love

We can be love

We can be loved

We can say

I am worthy

I am love

I am loved

Sometimes we have to look past others pain

We have to see they hurt us out of their own shame

That is the way we can let go

That is the way back to the road of love

To forgive others that no not what they do

To understand and meet pain with wisdom

An open heart

An open mind

To love