by Grace


The beauty of a woman’s nature is in her strength,

It is in her way to fight the good and true fight,

It is in her way to listen to her heart.

To quiet the suffering soul,

It is in her nature to nurture and put love first,

This is the beauty of a woman’s soul.

She makes the brutal world a beautiful place

She makes beauty from her grace,

She is the tree that bends in the winds of change

She is soft strength, she doesn’t break,

Somehow she finds away to make it all ok,

She is the soft and tender heart,

She is the place to rest your weary head,

She bringings you sweet love from nothingness

All of this lives within her heart,

A heart so boundless and abundant that she makes love from hopelessness,

She is a Goddess

She is in your dreams and in you wakefulness

She is the reason you exist

She brings her heart to you wide open

And it is her body that you crave

It is her soft sweet skin and the smell of her silky hair that you can’t resist

To not have her is to have nothing at all but emptiness

She is the one to come to when you need to cry

She will meet you with arms wide,

She is the all that is wonderful to you,

To not have her is to have ugliness

To not have her is not to have a reason for life

To not have her is to have the world cold and hard,

She is the softness,

She is the tenderness,

She is the sweetness,

Her sensuality,