by Grace


Suddenly I can see past reality
I can see eternity
I understand infinity
I am everything and everything moves through me.

In a place deep inside of my soul
I can learn to let go
I know that my gifts are my tools
My natural born abilities create more for and of me.

When I learn to soar on the winds of change
When I let myself float down stream
When I cease to fight
When I chose to do what feels right I win.

There is magic inside of each one of us
A magic that is powered by faith and trust
By following our hearts and souls
We find our way to this enchanted space and place.

Destiny is given room
Destiny and fate are found in a quieted state
It is in the place of surrender
Surrender where we create and find our miracles.

The miracle is the magic
The magic of turning sorrow into treasure
The magic of wisdom matured
We chose tenderness over bitterness.

Creation is at your finger tips
We can cause miracles by following our hearts
It is through living our dreams
That God lives through each and every one of us.

Magic is the infinity of the possibilities
That nothing lived through the heart is impossible to conceive
When we manifest our dreams
We become one with God and live in our own divinity.

So quiet your mind and still your soul
You have the power at your calling
To call upon all of creation
You can become whatever you chose as infinity is within you.