My Own Woman

by Grace

One thing that I know now for certain,

I don’t need no man to tell me who I am,

I have my own mind and my own body,

my feelings and life are my own.

I don’t need a man’s dreams to give me something to do… no .. no .. no

I have my own dreams to chase after.. yes.. yes… yes they are my own,

If you think your gonna tell me who I am, you are so mistaken,

If you think that I need your ok feel alive in my own skin you are mistaken again,

I am a woman on her own,

I am woman that is wild and free,

I am woman that has her own home and space

I am woman living my own reality,

If you think you can call me crazy..

Just go right ahead, I know my own mind,

If you think that you can break me..

Well baby you can give it your best try,

But the only one that will get tired and wore down.. will be you,

I am not going to loose ground,

This is my life, this is my place, this is my space.. I live for life,

I have given to so many, none that have given in return to me,

Now it’s time for me to take what life has to offer, to run into the sun,

If you think that you can tame me.. you will be left behind in memory,,

No…. no that can not make me stay,

I am my own woman, and yes I am wild,

Yes I am .. yes I am wild and free,

If you can get your shit together,

You can get over your need to own me,

If you want roam the world wild and free,

Than just maybe I will let you run with me.