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Month: March, 2012

White Goddess

White Goddess.


White Goddess

Heaven Sent

Heaven sent me to love,
Heaven filled me with light,
A light so bright,
Soft and white,
To pull you into my heart.

Heaven sent me to you,
To show you the right thing to do,
I am filled with warmth,
To comfort you,
I am here for you.

Heaven sent me to guide,
I am the pureness of truth,
I am to show you,
I will bring you joy.

Heaven sent me to understand,
To show and bring wisdom in,
Into your heart,
To show you,
The soul you are.

Heaven sent me here,
To help and protect,
I am here to reminded you,
You are all,
You are light.

Heaven sent I am,
I illuminate,
I shine,
I bring in a higher way,
A pathway to the stars.

Heaven sent me to open your heart,
To show you the way through,
I will walk with you,
Through the pain and fear,
To bring you back,
To love.

Heaven sent the light,
The light is love,
Through the heart,
We all are saved,
We all have Heaven.







The beauty of a woman’s nature is in her strength,

It is in her way to fight the good and true fight,

It is in her way to listen to her heart.

To quiet the suffering soul,

It is in her nature to nurture and put love first,

This is the beauty of a woman’s soul.

She makes the brutal world a beautiful place

She makes beauty from her grace,

She is the tree that bends in the winds of change

She is soft strength, she doesn’t break,

Somehow she finds away to make it all ok,

She is the soft and tender heart,

She is the place to rest your weary head,

She bringings you sweet love from nothingness

All of this lives within her heart,

A heart so boundless and abundant that she makes love from hopelessness,

She is a Goddess

She is in your dreams and in you wakefulness

She is the reason you exist

She brings her heart to you wide open

And it is her body that you crave

It is her soft sweet skin and the smell of her silky hair that you can’t resist

To not have her is to have nothing at all but emptiness

She is the one to come to when you need to cry

She will meet you with arms wide,

She is the all that is wonderful to you,

To not have her is to have ugliness

To not have her is not to have a reason for life

To not have her is to have the world cold and hard,

She is the softness,

She is the tenderness,

She is the sweetness,

Her sensuality,


Worthy of Love

Worthy of Love.

Worthy of Love

I am Worthy of Love

I am worthy of love, because I am love

I am the energy of everything and everything that was created for love

For the love of creation, creation sprang

And I am everything and everything is me

I am worthy

Oh pain colors everything a shade of gray

And we like to spread our pain around to make less to carry

Yes we bury our fears on the shoulder of others

And so it is we forget we are all love and loved

We put the pain above love

We struggle under the heavy heart as we feel we are all a part

But we are not, we are all loved

We tell ourselves that it’s not true

Why would others hurt you if you are lovable?

It is just pain and regret of unforgiven weakness,

If we can forgive ourselves we can share love

We can be love

We can be loved

We can say

I am worthy

I am love

I am loved

Sometimes we have to look past others pain

We have to see they hurt us out of their own shame

That is the way we can let go

That is the way back to the road of love

To forgive others that no not what they do

To understand and meet pain with wisdom

An open heart

An open mind

To love

I am MAD

I am MAD.

I am MAD

I am mad because I am done with being judged as a woman!

I am mad because society has no compassion.

I am mad because all the tenderness and the kindness of humanity is locked behind selfishness and greed.

I am so sick of men trying to make me into either a virgin or a whore! I am sick of it; what the heck is up with that?

Women are either puritan or pornstar. Your the guys mother or his tramp!

And a Tramp is a woman that likes and wants sex; his mother is the opposite, you see to all his other needs and then lay down and go through the motions; telling him and yourself your doing it for him so your not a tramp.

Of course women who are single mothers; looking for a man are just trashy! How dare a single mother like me not make her kids her only priority? God for bid that I should need and want my basic needs for love and partnership met! God forbid that I want someone to share my life with; someone to laugh with, cry with and yes have sex with; I would rather say it as having someone to make love to and be made love to; but NO, that’s just being man crazy and a bad freaken mother!

Double fricken standards put on women by society; Sex is dirty or pure; thats bullshit! It isn’t either! Sex is a way that two people come together to build and maintain intimacy and it is a physical release. Why can’t we all just grow up!

Why do we have to make things evil or good? Why can’t we just see things for the way they are? Gees ya know? Its just so childish the way we have to lable everyone as either good or bad when we ourselves are both! We are all human; we have a basic need for love and to be touched physically.

It is the taboo that we put on sex that makes it dirty or pure; it is our childish perspectives; Gawd we need to get a grip!

Society needs to grow up! We need to stop telling women to be plastic freaks, with botox filled faces and fake boobs; starving ourselves to look the way we are told is attractive.

Men you guys have got to start seeing women as people with souls and hearts that are easily broken; a womans heart is as tender as her breast; we are so fragile we need love and tenderness! We need to be held and heard and seen!

The human body is a miracle in it’s self; it is creations finest work of art; it is beautiful, sensual and amazing. We treat our bodies like crap! We eat crap! We don’t exercise enough! Or we go to the other polar opposite and we starve and over work ourselves for fashion and not for HEALTH!

We are out of balance.. everything is black or white; good or evil. We don’t have any compassion for the fallen soul… even though we are all fallen and imperfect.

I just want to know were is the love?

I myself am so sick of being look at and sized up; I am bad mom cause I am sexy and free spirited..why? How do people jump to that?

I am writing my book to show that women can be sexual; be mothers; be grandmothers; be professionals; WE CAN BE WHAT WE WANT! Oh it is said but in our repressed society it is not true; we are not given that room; we are still fighting for our freedom to be people in our own right. If I am a mother it doesn’t mean I turn into a child again because I have children. It is like society is afraid that if a mother is a sensual being she is messing up her kids; but the oposite is true; to be repressed sexually is to teach your children the same damn thing.

What is being sexual; IT IS IN YOUR TRUE NATURE…gawd!

It doesn’t make you dirty; God made men and women to fit into each other or if you don’t believe in God then science and nature did that! And so being the civilized humans that we are supposed to be means that we can express our sexuality with dignity.. *sigh*

Diginity; meaning that we honor our sexuality; understand it’s importance while not hurting ourselves and others with uncontrolled urges. So that means not to become so intrenched in your sexuallity that it becomes an addiction; meaning sex is all you live for and think about constantly; because life should be lived in balance for health; emotional, spiritual, physical and mental health.

But to be aware and proud of you sexuality is perfectly healthy!

Being ashamed of the human body is ignorant; being ashamed of you own body is insecurity and self-defeating.

The way to love your own body is to take care of you body and to do away with media hype and learn to accept and love your imperfections…damn it!

I just hope by writing this book that I can show humanity how to live in health and compassion.

Women’s sexuality is totally ignored in the media; we are still seen as plasic dolls that are bad girls if we like sex and seek sex out; we are tramps and we deserve to be used my men cause we like sex.. it’s crap! Good girls are shown as being there just for a man’s comfort and needs.. period! It’s crap!

Women do like sex with love… we need tenderness; we need not to held up to a impossible standard by our men.. we need to take the time to look after ourselves and love our bodies; with out guilt trips for caring and nurturing ourselves and not just everyone else. Women are their own people first!