by Grace

All my writing and artwork..all my creative ventures are for this reason and this reason alone.. To expose the human soul. We hide behind the social masks..we pretend to be what we are not to please others.. we do it out of shame. We worry constantly about what others think..we fear judgement and punishment by others by being rejected for showing our true face.

If the human race keeps going at this pace.. love will not find away through the walls that we have built up around our own hearts..we have become fake.

It’s just that simple..we have lost our soul.

I expose myself..as an example.. I expose all my family crap and flaws as an example..the example of showing my imperfections..

I have even shown all my facebook friend the crack of my ass with my boudoir photography..that was done by Miss Sassy Pants. I show you myself open and vulnerable.. and I have been attacked over an over again for it..but I am still here.. I am still strong.. I have with stood these attacks against the very core of who I am. It has been very painful..but it will be worth it in the end.

I have had people pretend to be my friends only to stab me in the back emotionally..as they think, I think .. I am better than them.. even though I tell others to be their true selves, even though I stress that we are all special and that we all have our God given gifts.

It has been my intention to show you through my example.. courage.. courage inspite of constant personal attack.. yet still others don’t get it..they only see me as hungery for drama and attention.

Life is dramatic..it is passionate..my life and yours..all life reflects this.

It has been my purpose to expose the soul..the true heart of humanity..


So that we can learn to accept our true selves.. love ourselves so that we can spread that love by loving each other more fully.

I believe that this change is absolutly nesessary for the human race to keep on living.. in our need and wants for fake we are killing ourselves with toxins in are day to day living and with toxic emotions..

Emotions that we pent-up and let fester into disease..we are killing ourselves with fake.

Change is scary..being open and honest is very, very hard..

But the thing is this…we all have to deal with shit….we are more alike than we are different.. it is just that simple..

Don’t you want freedom from the fake mask that society causes us to wear in fear of rejection?

With this mask on you can not find love..as you are not loving all of your true self..the good, the bad and the ugly..but lets not forget the greatness too.. many are afraid to stand out in their own greatness as well..

I find that family members can be the hardest when someone makes huge changes..they remember you and love you the way you are or were..they want you to stay were they are most comfortable knowing you..of course this is their own fear of change.. it is them being insecure..

Those who are afraid to take the mask off..the fear rejection the most..their hearts are the most tender..we must be gentle with our judgment and reaction of them.

I feel this way for my sister… I would not want anyone to hurt her.. but it is her journey..not mine to take for her.

My piont is this.. the heart needs to feel.. to be real..to be honest and open for love to root up and for positive change to happen.

My writing has been to expose the heart..it has to start with me first..and then it ripples through.. as change does.