by Grace

Mirror, Mirror on the wall.. I am not the fairest of them all.

I am but one of many..

I am a drop in the pool of souls.

When I call out names to others they just echo back to me.

For we are all connected..we are all the same,

We all our made of the energy love.

If I call you names.. I am calling out myself..

If I can not love in you something I despise..I am telling lies to myself.

Who am to say you are not perfect..as I myself am so flawed..?

Who am not to love you..as I am so unloveable too..?

Who am I..to say that you are not acceptable as you..

When I can not be accepted by all too..

When I look in the mirror.. I see all that I am

I am blemished.. I have been broken and put back together again.

When you call me names.. you say them to yourself..as I have done as well..

We are all connected.. imperfect in our humanity.. we are all the same.

There is much that makes us different..but this is the common thread

The thread that holds us all together..that we are flawed but needing love.

Lets walk together through the looking glass..to see an new reality..

Were we can all find peace.