My Sister and Me… I asked for peace

by Grace

I tried to reach out to my sister; but she will not bury the sword with me. My kids don’t have much family and my sister’s daughter is expecting a baby soon.. in March..round the same time my daughter Tessa was born 12 years ago.

But my sister will not do it..the following messages are off facebook. I left alot of the really negative stuff out.. basically my sister insist that I am a lier and that I abuse her. I just can not please her. Unless I changed into her or someone just like her would she accept me.

I am trying to tell her that we are family..that we should stick together..but she totally rejects me once more..but at least I tried..and I really did the best I could..thats all I can do.

From my sister;

AS far as your first statement wasn’tt hat just what you were doing in your last e-mail – claming to be a victim of me.

The past was first brought up by you. The one and only -Grace

Grace it is you who blogs of her past constantly, you live in the past most of the day everyday.

Can’t except being a seperate entitiy to you. Scroll back our e-mails it is me who first explained to you we are different in every way.

Jealousy again Grace I would never want to be you in the past or present in anyway and never have I felt we were alike. I ahve always been differnt and i like my kind of different from you!

I am not full of hate Grace, and if it would be ME saying that to YOU I would be judging you or not respecting your bold out spokeness, and even jealous.

The tomorrow part reads that we don’t know what tomorrow holds. Yes, I see that it is true we could all die tomorrow. You, me anyone we know, happens all the time.

What I do see as well is today you treated me like you hated me and put words and acusations in my mouth, Yesterday you treated me with hurt too, as I grip from hate from your mouth and your mind tomorrow I will as always still forgive you and still love you, for I have come to find that is how it goes with you.

However a victum of yours I will not be, past, present nor future, as I HAVE learned from all the yesterdays when something burns you don’t go near it… don’t touch. I will keep my distance and I am happy with that, you can count the ways you think I am so very jealous of you, as we know you will, but I will still love you in the distance where it is safe and if one of us were to die tomorrow the only on true real way to say good-bye is through God. He is the Almighty Grace and he understands the things we can not.
It is futile to go back and forth with you any longer. I do want the best for you and I will continue to pray, I will always love you even if I can’t come near you. I accept that I won’t ever be a part of my necies and nefews lives as I don’t have a place in your life we just don’t fit in anyway shape or form.

Love you ♥

Gracie Ackerman
Actions speak of LOVE.. not words alone..

Your actions speak of hate.

You do not love me.. your actions and modivations say you hate me

and you talk in circles… you make no sense.

I guess that is the get out of taking responsibility for your actions.

Your ego is in the way; you will not be my sister because you are to concerned and afriad of what others would say or think of you.

Others that do not matter as they are not your sister or your brother..they are not family.

They did not comfort you as a little girl..they did not protect you the way I did.. or hold you in the night when you had bad dreams.

You only want to concentrate on the bad so that you don’t have to take a chance and risk your superficial reputation on what your facebook friends might think.

It was our mother that died our grandmother and our sister.. it wa our pain and happiness that we shared.

I can’t not believe that you would and will not be apart of Tyler, Robyn and Tessa’s lives because you need to keep up face.

God teaches humility and forgiveness this is the basic root of all is the basic root of all goodness to overcome evil..regardless of religion..

But you chose… bitterness

and like a Judas Kiss you then tell me that you love me

Gracie Ackerman
I feel deep.. deep sorrow for the little sister that loved me.. I will always miss you
Gracie Ackerman
And the saddest thing is this..Your daughter is expecting a baby soon..right around Tess’s 12th birthday.. my children and I will not be apart of the new arrival’s celibration.

Will you teach the baby bitterness? It’s so sad to think about..being born so innocent into a world full or spite and resentment.

It truly does make me cry..for your grandchild.. your children.. my children and all the children of the world.

That you can not see it in your heart to forgive and move into happiness.

It is truly very, very sad for all of them..all the children if the adults around them can not bury the sword of war and revenge