Science and Spirit

by Grace

My intent is to show you that reality is only through perception. By presenting these facts as proof, by the basis of these facts we only perceive a fraction of reality due to the fact that we only use a fraction of our brains abilities. We only understand a fraction of DNA and it’s uses.. therefore we are only functioning on partial capacity ; how can we then deduct that our scientific information is correct if we are not perceiving all of reality?
This is why we must constantly question everything. The human race is still evolving. We are still coming to the understanding of how energy affects matter. What is matter? How can we fully understand our reality if our perceptions are only partially in use?..

Are we the blind leading the blind?.. Have we yet to experience our full evolution?
Is it through the experience of Universal energy that the Human observation of reality will come to fullness, will we finally come into the light of higher understand through the gravitational pull of the Universe as we enter in to the Galactic Rift? How will the sun’s magnetic solar flares affect Human DNA, Brain Capacity and Universal Consciousness?
Will this shift awaken us to the full spectrum of reality?

My theory through this philosophy is YES!

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Scientific accounts of perception
An object at some distance from an observer will reflect light from the sun in all directions, some of which will fall upon the corneae of the eyes where it will be focussed upon each retina, forming an image. The disparity between the electrical output of these two slightly different images is resolved either at the level of the lateral geniculate nucleus or in a part of the visual cortex called ‘V1’. The resolved data is further processed in the visual cortex where some areas have specialised functions, for instance area V5 is involved in the modelling of motion and V4 in adding colour. The resulting single image that subjects report as their experience is called a ‘percept’. Studies involving rapidly changing scenes show the percept derives from numerous processes that involve time delays [7]. Recent fMRI studies show that dreams, imaginings and perceptions of things such as faces are accompanied by activity in many of the same areas of brain as are involved with physical sight. Imagery that originates from the senses and internally generated imagery may have a shared ontology at higher levels of cortical processing.
Sound is pressure waves sensed by the cochlea in the ear. Data from the eyes and ears is combined to form a ‘bound’ percept. The problem of how this is produced, known as the binding problem, is the subject of considerable study.
Perception is a cognitive process in which information processing is used to transfer information into the mind where it is related to other information. Some psychologists propose that this processing gives rise to particular mental states (cognitivism) whilst others envisage a direct path back into the external world in the form of action (radical behaviourism). Behaviourists such as John B. Watson and B.F. Skinner have proposed that perception acts largely as a process between a stimulus and a response but have noted that Gilbert Ryle’s “ghost in the machine of the brain” still seems to exist. “The objection to inner states is not that they do not exist, but that they are not relevant in a functional analysis”[8]. This view, in which experience is thought to be an incidental by-product of information processing, is known as epiphenomenalism.
Contrary to the behaviouralist approach to understanding the elements of cognitive processes, gestalt psychology sought to understand their organization as a whole, studying perception as a process of figure and ground.

How can we only use a percent of our brain? Evidence shows we can use more.
Scientists and others in the psychological, sociological fields have asserted that humans use maybe .01 to.10 percent of our brain. Without getting all science geek about it there is an easier way of understanding what that means.
First let us clarify, mechanically you use 100% of your brain. Maximizing usage is another subject. So when someone puts a percentage of use on the brain they do not mean that the other say 90% is dormant or useless.
Think of it this way. Let’s say your brain is a stereo. When you are using your stereo you are using 100% of it. Here is the x factor. If the volume knob is set at say a 2 level then you are not getting the same usage when compared to turning the volume knob to 8 or 10.
So what scientists are trying to get across to us is we have a lot more room in our cranium to fill. We have more volume to boost. We are not even close to tapping our potential of brain power. The percentage is actually a moot point I would think in reality.
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There is no physical data to determine in tangible evidence the amount of usage the human brain has. There are as many as if not more than 100 billion brain cells. Then there is the neuronal and synaptic connections. Interestingly there has been data that has determined that people have increased there brain power however.
Then there are the people who demonstrate mental abilities that are very rare. Some people with autism for example have had the ability to calculate very high levels of math equations without ever having learned how.

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Fraction of noncoding genomic DNA
The amount of total genomic DNA varies widely between organisms, and the proportion of coding and noncoding DNA within these genomes varies greatly as well. More than 98% of the human genome does not encode protein sequences, including most sequences within introns and most intergenic DNA.[1]
While overall genome size, and by extension the amount of noncoding DNA, are correlated to organism complexity, there are many exceptions. For example, the genome of the unicellular Polychaos dubium (formerly known as Amoeba dubia) has been reported to contain more than 200 times the amount of DNA in humans.[2] The pufferfish Takifugu rubripes genome is only about one eighth the size of the human genome, yet seems to have a comparable number of genes; approximately 90% of the Takifugu genome is noncoding DNA[1] and most of the genome size difference appears to lie in the noncoding DNA. The extensive variation in nuclear genome size among eukaryotic species is known as the C-value enigma or C-value paradox.[3]
About 80 percent of the nucleotide bases in the human genome may be transcribed,[4] but transcription does not necessarily imply function.[5]
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Base pairing in RNA. Nucleobases in blue. Hydrogen bonds in red.
Nucleobases are a group of nitrogen-based molecules that are required to form nucleotides, the basic building blocks of DNA and RNA. Nucleobases provide the molecular structure necessary for the hydrogen bonding of complementary DNA and RNA strands, and are key components in the formation of stable DNA and RNA molecules

The Effects of Energy on DNA..

I did not want to add to much from this site as it could be confusing to some.. I am only using it to establish my argument towards consciousness or the Universe becoming conscious. All becoming conscious of the greater all is linked through energy.

This model is suggested as the basis for a more general nonlinear quantum theory which may explain many of the observed subtle energy phenomena and eventually could provide a physical theory of consciousnessna2.html

I understand that this may be confusing to some.. I am trying to show the links through Science to Spirit..the spirit is the energy that causes the Universe to exist and to keep on existing and evolving..we are linked into to this constant evolution through our perception of reality.. as we create reality through our observation of it..such is the basis of quantum physics.

What if our perceptions of reality were to come to a higher evolution or maturity.. It could be understood that reality transcends to this higher level of evolution due to the maturity of the human race.
Science and Spirit are linked…Science can prove God as God is energy..

This being’s our perceptions of God that keep us away from higher understand or bring us closer to this awareness.. if we let our perceptions become more fluid..if we released ourselves from the bonds of religiousness..of judgment.. cause and affect.

We could in fact experience the wholeness of creation by riding on this wave of energy..we could in theory come to a world that lives in Universal peace and harmony..we could in theory bring the Universe into balance through human maturity through the evolution of a higher understanding..

This could be Transcendence.