by Grace

I am not sorry for anything that I have was deliberate and intentional. My darkness and pain mirrors that of many.. my walk into the wilderness is the walk of many. My fight to bring myself into the light of higher awareness is the fight of many.. for that I am not sorry not one little bit.

If you have had problems with me going into these dark places..the dark sinister places of the soul and of the heart.. it is because you fear to tread this dark journey with yourself.. I am but one person..but there are many that are starting this journey, are going through it..or have passed through the eye of the needle. Yes it is a death to the self.. it is a death to all that you thought you were all that you thought others saw of you..and all that you pretended to be.. once in the dark place of your soul..all the skeletons come out to play..all the trash and filth is revield to you..there is no hiding..this place is painful..once the light has come on there is not turning back.

This is why some have hated my writing and they have hated me..because in showing my skeletons I remind them that they have a closet full as well..that haunt them that torture them in the middle of the night..all the lies we tell ourselves and others so that we don’t have to take responsibility for our own lives.

This had been and is my purpose..I want to give and show awareness..but I am just like you.. I am in the trenches..I am a dirty sinner.. I am not above..we are all this together..we are all working to change our reality together… the blog and facebook have been a connective way to do this.. you have helped me write my way to awareness.. some have faught me..some have loved me..some have hated me and others ignore me.. but it all works out to create that is all useful.

The piont is that we all come to our own piont of power..the power is in the heart..the center of COURAGE… It takes courage to go down deep in dark places and clean up the mess in the soul.. it takes courage to want to be be aware.. it takes courage to face your own weaknesses and admit your mistakes.

It takes guts to face down those who don’t want to see you change..they don’t want to see you or me change because that means they will be forced by this change to look at change and growth with in themselves… some want to stay asleep.. it is so much easier.. or so they think.. but it will just get harder as most of us decide to grow up in our hearts, minds and spirits..they will try to hang on to the way society and their friends used to be.. but they will use all their energy on hanging on to what was.. and eventuall they will loose the battle with intense unhappiness.

Happiness comes from living in the moment..from giving back..from facing down fear and danger.. it is facing down fear..the fear with yourself and the fear that others push upon you.. that you will be set free.

I have given.. I have exposed my soul in my writing to help others along the way… I have shown you and myself ( Heart ).. heart in the sense that I have pushed through adversity..there are many,, many like me.. you have this ( heart ) with in you too.. we all have this charge into take over the dark place.. to turn on the light of awareness and take back the lost soul..that is the soul of each individual and humanity and the soul of all creation..

In the spiritual sence… this is the time of the QUICKENING.. it is not just mankind that is awakening it is the Universe.. like a babe in the womb.. it is..creation is becoming aware of it’s self…. We are becoming aware that through the heart.. through the love of ourselves, each other and through creation.. the heart of the Universe is about to we will start to move as one.. one in conciousness.. as one the new reality will form and take shape.

This has been stated in many ancient text.. many sacred writings and it has spoken about through astrology..or the movement of the planets..the study of how they affect reality..this shift has begun.. I know many are feeling right now.. my heart and intuition tells me so..there are some that will not move through their darkness…that will refuse to shine the light on of higher they choose to hang on for all their worth to the the fake world..they refuse to have heart.. only living in the mind..they refuse the path..that is the middle road..spoke of in many ancient is through the heart and the mind..the masculine and the feminine..that we find the path.. the melding of the two.. through the love and the acceptance of all of our differences.. this is the path that leads us to the healing of the universe..the new reality.. as some say the fifth dimention..

It is happening right now.. we are at the stage of the leveling..this is the time when all will become equal.. as the masks come the illusion falls.. as the worlds powers fall like a house of cards.. as we all fall into ourselves..when were refuse to be fake.. when we crave reality.. when we want the TRUTH.

This is the time that we take our power back..we take it back from individuals that we have given it away to.. others who refuse to see our worth.. others that use us to meet their own needs..those who steal our energy away..because they are to afraid and lazy to do their own inner work.. This is time when the people of the earth are taking back their power from corrupt Goverments and other places of organized power…we have had enough.

It has been said ” Lies are sweet at first but become bitter in the end..the Truth is bitter at first but becomes sweet in the end.”

The truth is is painful..but so needed to get to the sweet centre of the heart.. to get to COURAGE