by Grace

Yes.. I know you know..that I am writing this for Valentines Day..the reason is because I am trying to help take some of the pressure off. We are all taught by the media and society to spend a ton of money on love this day.. some of you gals might be thinking ” Gracie..shut the fuck up.”.. but I just can’t help it.. you know I can’t..it is the little Tinker Bell in me..sticking up for Peter Pan…..BECAUSE.. MONEY CAN’T BUY LOVE!

Don’t get me wrong diamonds are beautiful..but they are not a girls best friend..nope..that’s bullshit once again.. it should be that her man is her best friend..and Valentines Day..should be every day of the year..just like we should celibrate the Christmas Spirit year round too..even if we leave Christ out of it.. it is about love, giving and forgivness..about loving everyone.

So if Valentines Day was everyday.. how would you celibrate.. I think it would just be living in the moment of your love..to celibrate the feeling..the actions of doing things to help each other.. bring home small and meaningful gifts and making love of course..

We seem to forget the most important thing on Valentines Day..and that is your lover should be your best friend.. you should be able to look at this Day for what it is… I believe in celibrations and I believe in Romance..and I like gifts..but I think the best way to celibrate would be just to spend time together away from the world..away from the business of dinning out..hotels and spas.. I don’t think that is spending time together.. if you have kids..it is getting a baby sitter..having a quiet romantic intimate dinner..and of course making love… sharing some laughter and just holding each other..why do we make it about..diamonds..candy and flowers.. that is not love..yes they are actions of bringing gifts..but I have had that from my ex when they were only tokens of love that did not exist.. I am not say that giving them is wrong..but sharing a real simple love.. is the true gift.

The true gift is knowing that you can count on one another..that you respect each other..that you hold each other up..that you do not talk bad about each other to your friends or relatives.. of course it is different if the relationship is unhealthy and you need help..but I am talking about keeping and making a relationship healthy and full of love..the simple love.. is the love of best friends that respect..give each other dignity… accept the others faults and all the good stuff to..a simple love of friends and lovers..

I never had this..but I plan on it..and if you do have this cherish it..cherish and respect this love..don’t let the world ruin it..

I think sometimes just taking a drive..just the two of you..or going for a hike in the mountains..sharing a warm bottle of water and mangled granola.. can be so much more romantic than hard cold diamonds..roses will die..candy will be consumed..the hotel room will be occupied by another the next day..but true love.. of best friends ..last forever

Have a happy and loving Valentines Day..and celibrate it everyday..

Remember your love is like no other..your love is priceless..