MAN CAMP… just for him

by Grace

Guys just want to have fun and lots of great sex.. that is #1! First and formost this is it.. if a guy has a ton of this in his life..he is happy just that simple..and for a guy sex is is sex.. it is just the way your creator made you. To deny a man this is worst than telling him to hold his breath for 20 min.. it you found out today your penis didn’t work or it was gone and it couldn’t be fixed you would feel at the very least life is over..

This is a funny little story to prove the piont.. I was about 25 and I was at my friends great grandfather’s 100th birthday, he danced with me..the entire time looking strait down my shirt..this is what the dear old man said to me..” Please don’t take this the wrong way… but you have the nicest breasts I have seen in along time.. You gave me a woody and I haven’t had one in over 20 years.. you made this the best 100th birthday ever.. ” and then he winked at me.. I was not offended .. a little shocked at first but at 100 you can say what every the hell you like.. you don’t have much time left..but the piont is this… he was so damn happy at 100 his penis still worked…

So you this is first of all what makes you guys happy..that hard shaft that you like to pound on and beat on..and nothing makes you happier that a good blow job.. yup that is for sure and if you get a really good one.. yup all your guy friends know.. you got a good blow..

In man camp variety is key..thats what men like.. if it is having many women.. we all know that is every man’s biggest fantasy or just having that one special woman mix it up.. that’s right…. you want to take her into the garage and do her in the back seat.. place all the tools around her and do her on the concret.. yup it’s just that simple if you could mix steak and sex all in the same moment you would.. if you could take her in your jeep scare the shit out of her 4x4ing..and then throw her in the mud and do her.. if she let you.. oh ya you would..well welcome to MAN CAMP this is were you can.. all of your wildest fantasy take go a head and do it in your head..

Ok so second of all it beer and beef..there is nothing more that men like than there meat..if it be women are a good steak you like to grab on to something you can sink your teeth into.. in MAN CAMP there is always BBQ.. nothing else.. just lots of meat no veggies unless you want there to be.. nope you don’t have to worry about your health here just dig in an eat all that you can eat..

There are beer fridges every were..all different types of beer..all different cultures makes an flavors.. it’s always cold and served by a hot saucey wench.. you know the type that like to flirt..but make you work for it just enough for you to like the chase..cause you like to chase.. yes you do.. you love the thrill of the hunt..just not being quite sure if you are going to get her but knowing that she is interested in you enough for you to give it a go.. but to easy wouldn’t be fun.. so thats the type that serves you your fresh cold beer..

Ahh yes and in MAN CAMP..there is lots to do..if you chose to.. you like to accomplish shit.. you like to build shit..and guys like to get together with their friends on a hot day..with cold beer and hang out and build shit..maybe you will talk about the fight you saw..the best blow job..or sometimes you just put your heads down work really fucking hard and sweat.. just to get shit done that you want done.. just to fucking accomplish it!

Of course here in this place.. you have all the tools you need to get the job done.. everything is in it’s place and every guy knows what they are doing..all the the guys that talk to much and will not shut the fuck up.. or get their work done are not allowed at MAN CAMP..nope only real men allowed here..

When you feel the need there are plenty of Jeeps and Trucks to go off in the woulds to get stuck in the mud.. roll shit over..push shit out.. pull it out..and just get as muddy as hell so you can drive it around after to prove the fricken point and the piont is simply this .. it was fun as hell to get it dirty..

Yup and when all that sex isn’t enough.. you can get your fight on..cause a fight just feels good.. it feels good to let all that agression out.. even a good punch in the face from you friend makes you feel alive..and to hit him in the sweet spot …hit him so hard he swaggers.. yup that just feels awesome..

When you need time alone just to think about nothing or sort through some one bothers you here cause it’s MAN CAMP..all the other guys know you need to be left alone..the get you.

Every man here is in his Kingdom.. every man here has his throne.. In MAN CAMP!

Hope you enjoyed it.. I think I will pull a Joan of Arc.. strap my chest back.. cut my hair..wear no make I can blend in and have some fun with you.. I am jelouse