by Grace

I have fallen; I have made many mistakes trying to reach the stars that are my dreams.

I have listened to my own mean voices in my head; telling me to give up; that I am not good enough.

Just when I am almost there my mean self talk begins to bring me down with a thud.

And then others say.. I told you so, your dreams are a joke, you will never reach the stars, because of who you are.

Then I fall.. I fall.. I fall sooooooo hard, that all the canyons in the earth are the marks of my pain.

I fall through the bottom and into the pit, I am wounded, broken, shattered and forgoten.

Oh why can’t I just give up.. oh why do I think I can fly?

They call my crazy, they say I am insane.. to think I can live my dreams instead of dreaming them away.

My wings are broken and hurt like my heart.. oh I have fallen, I have fallen so hard.

This is not the first time; I have been through this before, like many fallen Angels and many fallen stars.

This is only temporary as my wounds heal to scars; my battle wounds are many as I have fallen hard over and over again.

I have been trying to reach the stars and make my home in heaven…were I know I belong.

I put my wings back together, re-build them and repair my broken heart..and then I slowly climb out of this mess.

I make a fresh start.

I find the highest place to take a leap of faith.

I can not give up because I believe!

I believe that I was made to fly.. you may think it insanity..

But I know that I am a STAR like all the others that shine above me.

So I strap on my wings and I leap to my Dreams…

One day you will see me on shinning up high!