The you

by Grace

If the sky were the ocean..and the stars were souls, the depth of humanity could be understood and seen.. the sky is a tapesty in which the stars hang..guiding us to our own souls perfection.. the perfection is this, the imperfection of humanity, as this imperfection causes creation and life to take up and grow..

As seeds grow in dirt so do our souls grown in the controversy or debate.. it is through the negative and the positive that the stars, beat with the energy of the universe.. it is through the polar opposites that the universe sustains it’s energy into being and to cause it’s self to create..

Thus we are like the universe as creation mirrors in on it’s self.. as do different dimentions.. weave in and out from each other to build upon and sustain it’s power and creation.. it is through black holes that worm holes exist… this is like the thread that binds the dimentions together..we need nothing-ness to create in infinity nothing is everything as it is the compulsive force that causes creation..

And in saying that the soul is the mirror creation of the universe .. even dark souls all needed to cause the souls that burn more be made known as the contrast.. actually creates more light.. these dark souls like black holes can suck us in..but through the struggle create a new dimention and higher awareness in the brighter shining soul..and through that the dark soul, can also be re-made..and re-newed through the power of the brightness of the soul they thought the could distroy only to see that energy can never be distroyed.. causing them to realise their own worth and their catalysic combustion or becoming and emulating the soul that they tried to destory.. only to see re-creation..and to be drawn into the awe that the universe is..

We all have the star of the soul inside of us..we all have great worth..priceless-ness.. in the fact that not one of us even in physical death can be energy is only renewable..tis scientific fact..death is but the worm hole.. into renewed existance and the re-newed form taken up once more..

The stars that burn more brightly have been through this journey many times before..they are here as hope.. beautiful the image of the star represents to humanity… the hope of the world shines out for all to see..these people have learned through many life lessons and possibly through many life times how to concentrate their energy.. how to let the light of creation shine out through their grabbing hold of their talents…by not being afraid to shine and stand out…by forgiving their own imperfections..and learning to live comfortable in their own skin regarless of what others may judge or say to them..they..these shining stars.. understand that to shine so brightly is to have courage and strength.. to have the courage to show you your own light and what you can do too..

I look up to these they guide me too.. as they show me it is the only way to be a is to accept yourself.. your gifts, talents and your weaknesses.. to use the negative and the postive..the polar energy to rise.. yes to rise and to shine and to sparkle and to guide..

I have far to go..far to climb.. just as most do..

But my message to you is this.. don’t think that you do not have the power inside of you to shine.. just believe you do!

There is no need for any of us to want anothers it is in each and every soul to climb up to the heavens and shine all on your own.. with the energy that is your very own soul..

Do not or try not to judge those in darkness..the ones that do want your the to serve a purpose..and that is to renew you..and themselves through the negative and back into the postive light.. they will unknowingly help you shine brighter..become stronger through the controversy.. life is created..

Just believe in you and everyone else too…. and climb..and rise..and shine!