by Grace

So it turns out now they live in the marital home together.. sleeping in the bedroom that we shared..but I don’t care about’s the aways comes down to that..

He wants it all..the house, the trucks and the business..the divorce just goes on and on like you have read..I am getting rather sick of it..

My ex and I used to talk about how quickly the house could go up in it is one hundred year farm house made out of extreamly dry thick fir beams..there is only paper blow insulation in the would go up so fast…hmmm interesting don’t you think..But I have to think of way in which they can not escape…

This is the fantasy of murder # 2… I will write it if it is happening…this very night as a matter of fact..

Well I thought I need to board them in while they are still in the house.. like I escape…

I sent them a bottle of wine..with some medication in it to help them sleep..they think it is from a grateful is in a neat little wine bag with a card that says ” Thanks”.. it has been perfectly chilled..and they have just gotten home..and they think..what a perfect way to end the day.. how nice!

They sit and drink their wine..on top of the world..they have it all in the bag..everything is going their way or so they think…slowly they start to relax and drift off to sleep..

I am outside..and when I think the time is right..I knock on the door..and no one comes of course..and that is when my idle hands..find the nails, hammer and the boards.. just incase they wake up before I can set the place up..LOL

But even before I sent them the wine.. I had been inside,,( because in fact and in reality.. I have the keys)..I turned off the power and I cut the wires to the smoke alarms and took out the batteries… I wouldn’t want those hot sexy fire men showing up until..well.. until it was to late!

Then with that…the doors and the windows boarded up and no escape possible..the phone lines cut..and details like that.. I wait..for them to wake up…LOL

I knock on the door..and someone says ” just a second I will be right there.” is her of course..but to bad she can’t open the door..and that’s when I say ” HI!”..and I start to poor the the watch helplessly through the cracks in the boards..” What are you doing?!! GRACE!!”…I say calmly..” setting fire to the place..”..of course they beg and they plead..but this just fills me with glee..and I poor more gasoline…

I make sure they can see me light the first match..the nice big fireplace matches so they can really see it..and then ….OOooops it drops into the gas….and the fire starts to spread and DANCE…

I light a smoke..just because it seems fitting..not that I smoke..but it just seems right…

Because this is my fantasy the town…of Armstrong..awards me that night..for burning it’s trash!