The White Feather

by Grace

I handed my white feather to the cashier..she said “Oh nice french tickler!”..I asked her what she meant..she asked me were I was going to put it..”Beside my bed.” I replied..”Oh than it is a tickler.” she giggled…’Oh?..Oooooohhhhh..” I finally got it..she thought I was puting it beside my bed to use on a man..

Than she said to me ” so who is the lucky guy?”…” I don’t have one.” was my answer..”what!..a cougar like you..and you don’t have a cute guy to tickle with this feather with?…you should have a sting of em?”…I laughed..” nope that sounds like to much work..”

It was boxing day..and I was at a popular craft store called ( MICHAEL’S ) being a craft store it was filled with women LOL and being boxing day..there was a crowd of women surrounding the cash registars that I stood by…they had all honed in on our converstation and when I said that having a string of men sounded like to much work..they all agreed with giggles and laughter..then the cashier asked me ” Well why would you have a big white french tickler feather by your bed if your not going to use it on a hot guy?”..Everyone was listening by then and it seemed they all wanted to know LOL..

“Well….” I said ” Have you ever seen the movie ( MICHAEL with John Travolta ) in it?”…”OH ya..he was hot Angel.” she recalled…”Yes he was..the big feather reminds me of when his feathers fell out..Did you know that having feathers by your bed..helps you to hear the Angels speak to you in your dreams? Its is an old wives tale..or legend.?” I asked her…”No..I did know that…but if it is a french tickler..thats OK too.” she said as she winked at me…but then I pulled the Angel Wing Candle Holder out of my cart..and put it in front of her..” I am innocent..” I winked back at her.” usually I am not so innocent..but today I am on a quest for Angels.”..She looked shocked ” I thought you were just being shy but you really are innocent..!” all the ladies was cute 😉

I love that movie with John Travolta..he plays Archangel Michael..and he is not that halos and light kind of Angel..nope he is a warrior..his name means ( he who is like God )..Michael is the DUDE of all the Angels..he loves a battle..he has never lost one..not in thousands of years..he is my kinda man..the protector..the Angel that helps you to live out your life’s purpose..reach for and realise your dreams..he brings to you heaven on helping you help yourself by offering you protection while you do your work and live out your dreams.

In the movie..he has a lust for life..he hasn’t been to earth for awhile and he has missed the earthly pleasures..he loves to make enjoy a good lots of sugar..and dance for the love of the dance..he even takes as raging bull down in a farmers field just for the fricken love of the challange..he loves a good battle…

He mends broken hearts..shows those who have been hurt how to love gain after the lessons have been learned…he is some guy…LOL I am putting some movie clips of Michael on my facebook wall..those of you who read this and that are not on my facebook..can google it.. you will see what I him being a very masculine Angel..yup he is hot!

So I have his feather by my protect me and my children at night..I have feathers through out my house to bring the Angels guide and to protect us in our daily that we will live out the purpose that we came to succeed at..that is the spiritual path to daily is a day to to day step at a time brings us closer to the light everyday..

The Angels also teach us to lighten well as wake up in our daily lives..we have to be silly and goofy and brave..

My kids and I practice tounge talk daily..nope we don’t speak in ” other tounges” no we stick our tounges out and try to have a conversation about nothing important at all…just cause it makes us laugh so hard we can’t stop…

This is enlightenment..this is the joy of daily living..

You will find all four of us in my bed sometimes at night..cuddling…snuggling..snoring..and fighting for blankets..the Angels feather..right by the bed..but what you can’t see with your eyes..but can feel with your heart…is this..the Angels wings that surround and protect us..keep us and guide us..the love that comes from a divine place..this love that is endless..

Sorry the story wasn’t kinky or checky this time..

But even my rebeliousness..even I know when to make room for the Angels..

God Bless.. 😉