The Right to Rebellion

by Grace

If you want Disney..go watch it..if you want my stuff..if you want shallow fluffy crap..don’t read this..if you want to go deep and get it!

I am not going to sugar coat it..I am not going to hand you fake pretty words that mean life is everyone’s fears..belong to the human a woman I am every woman..that I explained in other post..I have been over weight..and called names for it..and I have been the pretty girl and been hated for it..I am so sick of women doing this to women..stop it!..We are all in this story is your love and hate is your expression as well….it is just that simple..

I rebel for you..I walk a different path so that others will see not to be afraid to do the same thing..I face my fear and I face down those who oppress me BECAUSE I WILL NOT BE OPPRESSED!!!!! I refuse it!

I refuse to stuff myself into little tidy boxes just so people can stay in the comfort zone of conformity cause they are to scared and lazy to do the work of CHANGE…

My God our society has become so fricken face with labels..we put labels on everything including people…cause we are so immature!

NO! I refuse to wear a label…I refuse to walk the beaten path CAUSE IT’S BORING!

I want to branch out all over the place..I want to explore my world..people in my world and I want to make more of that world by creating more everyday!

I am a rebel!

And if that makes me crazy………….Than I am Fucking nuts!