My Right & Your Right to Self Expression & Creativity

by Grace

Every person on this planet wants to be heard and seen…everyone has a story to tell and a piont of view…mine is important and yours is no less important than mine..I am finished with trying to explain this to small minded and ignorant people…it seems that their fear keeps them back and they wish to inflict fear upon me to keep me back from my full expression and creative thought and action..

I am through being nice and soft and sweet to these people who do not deserve my kindness any longer as they are not returning it with kindness..I have a right to express myself..I have a right to blog and to use facebook and other social media to express and share my thoughts with others..

I am so feed up with those who fear their own sin..their own imperfections that to read about mine freaks them right they wish to shut me up….to them I say fuck you…FUCK YOU…

Don’t you tell me what to write,,don’t you tell me who I am and most of all DO NOT TELL ME TO GET OVER IT….FUCK YOU..

I will get over it however I see fit to get over it and I will get over when I fucking get the fuck over it…

If you don’t like my pictures.. My sexy photography from Miss Sassy get the fuck over it!

If you don’t like my artwork..than you get the Fuck over it!

Do you like me telling you what the fuck to do?

Nope I didn’t think ya did!

So why the hell are you trying to tell me how to live my life..why do you think you can tell me who I am?

Get the Fuck over it!