A Conversation…between two men at the gym

by Grace

“Your in a good mood.”

“yup” he says as he searches for the right machine…he starts to whistle and sing to the music playing through the gym.

His buddy asks him bluntly..” So did you get some?”

“Yup” he says as he sits on the right machine..and starts his reps

“Must of been good?” his buddy says… you can tell he wants details..cause he isn’t getting it himself…

“Yup”..his friend says with devilish smile and a chuckle..

“WOW” says his friend..

“Ya” says the lucky guy ” I got it just like I like it.” you can see by his expression that he is going over it again in his head…

His buddy asks him ” What did you do to get it the way you want it?” he is seriouly wanting to know!

” I did the dishes the way she wanted me to.” he says matter of factly

“Oh so you Fucking caved..buddy.” his friend starts to laugh..

“When was the last time you got it all night?” his friend says pissed off..” asshole…I didn’t fucking cave..I did the damn dishes and she when freak on my all night.”

“Oh……” his buddy says shocked

” ya so if you wanna get laid real nasty..go do the fucking dishes.” then you can see by his face he is remembering the night before as he says..” Man I can hardly do this today..she wore me out!”

Of course they didn’t know I was listneing..I am small and I was behind a big wieght machine LOL 😉