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This Little Light Of Mine……I am gonna let it shine…..

This Little Light Of Mine……I am gonna let it shine…...


This Little Light Of Mine……I am gonna let it shine…..

When I look back at my life…as a story..I see a small child that wanted to love….I see a grown woman that still wants to love…my ownership in my heartache is simply this..I refuse to to close my heart..because others have broken it…some protection is needed..but to totally close my heart would be to become bitter and cold like the others who broke my heart.

To be strong one must leave one’s self open to failure…many see failure as loosing..but failure is just practice for sucess…many great inventions and theory…failed and met great resistance before they were seen and known as success.

My heart is the purest part of who I am…when I love someone I love as a small child…I will love you inspite of your failures or sucess..I will love your light and your shadow..because I will love you as I have wished to be loved.

I love children because I love the way that they precieve the world..I love how they love…with trust..integrity…courage…and forgiveness….who can love you more than your child..who can love you more completely then a child can..with absolute they see all of you and love you inspite of you…..this is how I love.

The men that have hurt me…would snuf out my little light..they would extingush my soul….if I chose not to love this this is the expression of my soul….so my fault is to meet failure…is to keep trying until I find the love I seek to feed my soul…

As this love this true unconditonal love is the love every soul in existance seeks out..craves..longs for..prays for..lives for…sings and dances for…creates for…cries out for…this is the love that creates the contradiction..of light and dark..

How can you or I know our light..the little light that shines out through the heart center..the light of the soul…if the darkness of sorrow doesn’t encompass that make that light all the brighter when it knows true love…

The sorrow of the soul…makes the joy of love all the greater and all the sweeter..

And so I will continue on…to be human to make trust, those who are my failures so that one day I will have success.

This is my success…to love my true love inspite of the risk…