WONDER WOMAN…a feminist with the right approach.

by Grace

The comic book heroin Wonder Woman…I think had the right approach to feminisum..in that she could be a strong and forcefull woman with out loosing her femininity..quite the opposite..men loved her..they wanted Wonder Woman to catch them in the act of acting up and acting out in agressiveness..so that they could be shown by her their folly of their own mistakes..she never hid her sex appeal when it came down to it she could hand-out a good spanking.

She only used the man’s force against him..she didn’t go out to find the fight or to make the fight..the fight and the aggression ( or even evil ) existed before she was forced to tame the beast out of the man she stood up to.

Wonder Woman came from ancient Greece…her fellow Goddess sisters and family followed the way of the Goddess of love and the Goddess of war..this meant that they stood their ground against evil and agression brought on by the male race..but they met them with love and compassion in the battle.

As women..in general..we are more evolved in this way then the male race..we are here to remind them..(not all men ) but most..we are to remind them to behave like gentlemen and to play fair.

Women we can do this by being a man’s mirror..by using his own force against him we can show him his bad!

We do this by keeping our heads in a fight..by not letting our over emotion cause us to become unrational..as that is what he knows a woman’s weakness can be..if we feel that he is withholding love..attention..basic affection..we can become over wrought and go into an emotional tail spin..he knows it..the man that causes this ……he knows your emotional nature….what if when he flirts with the waitress to piss you off..you engage her in a conversation about…hmmmm men…lets just say..or something he can’t understand…like new shoes,,make-up..a good chick flick..that will put cold water on his attempt to fire you up..by trying to make you feel less valued,,by flirting with another woman..what if you acted like he was just as replaceable as he would like you to believe..?

That is how you become someones mirror..give them themselves..you don’t have to go as low and you don’t have to loose youself and your integrity..do it with dignity..with class…you will hand him his ass..and you will not have to swear..or cry..or run out of the room in a huff..stand your ground..just like Wonder Woman..be your beautiful dignified smart and funny self.

Women humor is your best weapon of defense..even if you feel like you have lost..an example..when my ex left me to have is affair..my way of showing him that he had not won was to leave a gift basket for them..with bubble bath..chocolate body paint..wine..candles and so on..it made me laugh for days! I still laugh about it!..it just says..SO WHAT!

I love to use humor..humor turns it all around..it spins it right back on them and it puts you in the back in the drivers seat in control of you emotions so that you can deal with the situation at hand in a rational manner..he will respect you for it..and eventually he will see the humor..he probably be pissed off at first..but eventually he will tell one of his friends or he will be sitting quietly and then it will hit him and he will burst out laughing..I have seen it happen.

My point is women can be strong..sexy..soft and in control of themselves..and be feminist..I think the old world feminisum needs to be re arranged..so that men don’t just see a bunch of angry women screaming and yelling..cause guess what..they will not listen! They will turn you off and tune you out just like Charlie Brown’s Teacher this is what they will hear “BLAH BLAH BLAH” But if you use humor if you approach the situation with softness and sterness when it is called for..he will respect you..Anger has it’s place..when a man is being cruel and abusive..yes then anger has it’s rightful place.

I like nothing better than to stare a man down when he knows and the world knows he deserves it..I usually suprise a guy when I do this..they don’t expect that kind of passion from a little blond..they think they can walk on me and they are suprised to find that what they thought would be a doormatt stands up to them and shakes em off.

This quote comes from..http://wonderwomanstudies.blogspot.com

“It is this kind of thinking and the fact that comic book super heros were almost exclusively male at the time that led to the creation of Wonder Woman in 1941.

The heroin first appearing in all star comics and her creator taking on the pen name Charles Mouton; a combination of his middle name of DC head, M.C. Gains.

Marston’s theory greatly influenced the characters behavior and even her equipment, her Lasso of Truth being a homage of sorts to his lie detector. he also was adament about the face that Diana herself could never hurt or kill her enemy ( with the exception of the Nazis) IT WAS HIS BELIEF THAT WOMEN WERE SUPERIOR BECAUSE OF THEIR ABILITY TO ” HAVE LOVE IN ADDITION TO FORCE” WHILE MEN AS A WHOLE ONLY HAVE “FORCE AND AGGRESSION” THAT BRINGS EVIL.

He determined that Wonder Woman be the exact opposite of the ” BLOOD CURTLING MASCULINITY” that permeated comics and to be a ” SYMBOL OF LOVE AND REFORM” something he tried to establish from her very first pages on. “….end quote

This is why even now as a grown woman I have always love the symbol of Wonder Woman..even in olympus were she orginated..all of her sisters and female relatives faught the good fight together..imagine if women stopped seeing each other as competition for getting men..what if we saw men as men see women..there are plenty of fish in the sea..if he doesn’t want to play nice and be a good boy..well you know 😉