Conclusion of the book

by Grace

I would like to say that I am one of the enlightened ones..but the truth be told.. I have along way to go baby LOL

Yes much of the book is channeled wisdom and I was blessed to have this ability but I still have to check my own ego constantly..I have a temper..I get frustrated..and sometimes I assume and judge most of us I am trying very hard to see through my own stuff to see the big picture.

There is one more spiritual insight that I would like to share with you.. we have all been here on the spiritual level energy can not be distroyed or created this is the infinity of creation.. you and me..we have always existed as this energy..this has been proven throughs science and science will prove the existance of the spiritual very soon the balance of logical mind and the creative mind will be made one in this understanding that is soon to come.. this seems prophetic doesn’t it..hmmmm it could be seen as such or maybe I can see the dots connecting the path…as we see the constellations in the night sky…

With the fact that all is energy and energy can not be created or destroyed you had I have exisited forever and will continue to do so.. the earth may die one day.. the sun may die one day but our souls will not..we will continue on to the next phase of the journey.. as the destination is not the piont it is all for the love of the journey.

By saying this I can see the path of the past through riencarnation.. yes if our souls are indestructable as all energy is your soul once took up form in the past of the creation process.. many of us have lived many lives and have had many experiences and personalities..even though some seem like new souls as their maturity level seems low and they seem ignorant of all that is wisdom and all that is spiritual; could it be that they have only incarned for the first time in the physical realm and in doing so the veil or the wall or the realms is thick and dense for them? As being in some of their first states of the physical existance their lessons are just beginning and that is why they just can’t seem to grasp what others can grasp well and for the more advanced soul..they can grasp with out trying.. the spiritual is a natural state for them as they have passed between the walls of the realms so many times they are remembering past lives and destinations.. these advanced souls know what they have come to accomplish before they even took their first breath..we have all seen them as babies..the ones that look right into you and your soul..the wise children that know so much more than they possibly can in their youth.

But for the ones who are just at the kindergarden level of the lessons of living..they are young children can be just starting out on their own for the first time..they lash out in their fear and in the discomforts of life that they have not become accustomed to by past lives yet.. you can tell who they are..they bully..they are cruel..they inflict pain because their survival instincts are high as they are just learning about the ways of life and living. For these souls.. the lessons are hard as they have never been had and they haven’t any practice at living.

These are the souls that crave overly organized governments and cult like or fanatical like religious behaviors.. because it gives the illusion of feeling safe. They fill others with their fear as they know no better as small children do acting out when they are over done and overstimulated.

But the wise soul that has lived many lives.. knows how to wait on time and fate.. knowing that all is changeable and it will turn again in their favor.. they may have money or have little but they know how to live in the the moment is all creation spins upon to create in the moment..this is infinity..the beginning is the end and the end is the beginning and all is one.

This is the TREASURE…..