by Grace

Here we are! We have climbed out of the pit of despair and darkenss, and then we have journeyed together through addictions, grief, anger, the ego and so on….Together we have climbed out into the light to become aware and now we become fully awakened. You have been my therapy; you have helped me while I thought I was helping you! You were and are my inspiration, in my service to you I have healed myself; this is how God and the Universe works, on multi levels and in multi dimentions. On my own and of my own self I can do nothing; I am and you are connected.

In the writting of this book I chose a higher path, it was difficult at times due to my own ego and pain; but it would have been harder to live in bitterness and constant anger than finding happiness and to get on with living. But I am still human, and I let you see that, I let you look into my soul; all the skeletons are out of my closet and I feel very liberated because of it. I have nothing to hide, I have nothing to feel ashamed of and I have nothing to fear; I am free. As young children we are baptized in shame, we are socialized into shame, we are taught to hide our feelings and to try to appear normal; we are stuffed into boxes from the time of our first breath. We wonder why so many teens and adults feel listless, lifeless and depressed, it is because we have been taught to repress our true selves and our own truth. A part of waking up is self acceptance and making no excuses to yourself our others for who you truly are.

I have used my life and the cirumstances in my life to show you how I over came adversity and struggle; how I made my way from suffering, through pain to a higher understanding. I came to this by using adversity as a lesson and these lessons to be learned, moved through and then to be left behind like crosses on the road of life.

By not making excuses for myself, I will not carry these expeiences as burdens of shame, I do not feel shame for who or what I can not control; what others did to me.. is their doing.. I have done my best to show integrity on how I responded to the hurt ( but I have not been perfect ).

I chose to rise to the challenges that life handled me and in doing so I have learned courage and determination.

The gifts of insight and second sight; the sixth sense have been and will continue to be my tools or weapons of defense against an unfair world. These gifts and talents ( my writing, artwork, poetry and love for music..etc…) Have been where I have found my safe haven from the sorrows that have flooded my life from time to time. You also have your own gifts ( we all do) we all have the potential to rise and to overcome, to learn and chase the dragon down, the beast that is our own fear. The beast is our own indecision and procrastination; we all can fight the good fight and be the victorious hero and heroine in our own lives and inspire others to do the same. If I can do these things, then so can you; everyone can awaken to their full and true potential.

I have written this book to break down the barriers and boundaries that have out lived their usefulness, they are our social conditioning and our own personal dysfunctional behavioral patterns that are holding us back from experiencing the fullness of life. The enlightened ones are fully concious to their personality strengths and weaknesses, they understand the lies their ego tells them and the lies of the collective social ego. The enlightened have the ability to live within the illusion of the world but not be affected by it. The enlightened ones channel a higher purpose and are connected to unlimited source energy of all creation and they use this energy to bring forth the truth. We all have these abilities just in the simple way of paying attention to our own intuition and gut feelings, the more we pay attention to these feelings and flashes of insight the more connected we will become and the more powerful our intuition will become; we will evolve into our higher mind or self.

It is the enlightened souls on earth, that have recieved and found the kingdom within, that will bring forth the light of creation to the earth; they, the enlightened ones tip the scales of energy back towards wholeness as they help the rest of mankind realize their own Divine nature.

It is the less evolved souls that fear the transformation as their lack of spiritual maturity hinders them or even blinds them completely from the truth. But even if they don’t acend to the higher realm of consciousness they will have thier time in good time, to spiral up the ladder in the centuries to come; they will complete their cycle of existence back to full awareness and wakefulness. We all will; all returns back to source, light to light, love to love; to the perfect state of being.

Soon there will be no heaven as many will know the kingdom within, the Teasure within. There will be no hell or evil as the ego “the dragon” will be slayed and we will learn to live in the moment.

There will be no borders, no overly organized governments, no martial law; or organized religion as it will no longer be needed as we will all have direct contact with God, and in our enlightenment we will be in the one with God..the Creator and all will create together..there will be peace on earth.

With the ego dissolved mankind will no longer feel the need to have more that others. World hunger and lack will be a thing of the past. We will be one..we will be saved from ourselves.

The message is HOPE………….