LIGHT…Chapter 15

by Grace

We awaken from the darkness as the light shines through our understanding. We awaken as we become wise to the light that radiates through us. We become aware of our truth as we realize our own divinity and holiness. We are the droplets of divinity in solid from of mass. We are Spirit in the solid form of flesh. It is by this that we dissolve the mirage and move towards the oasis of everlasting life.

The world leads us to live on the surface, to be superficial and shallow, that it is only the outward appearance that matters. We are given this message by the collective human ego for the sake of the ego’s survival, we are lied to by the entity of the ego for its own temporaty existence, it is like a parasite feeding on our fear of not belonging and of feeling alone.

The Spirit’s message is to go deep within to find one’s true worth; that is our teasure. In doing the hard work of digging and searching deep within we find eternal worth of priceless wisdom; truth which brings us to the Light of Divinity.

This pricelss treasure cannot be found in the world, it can be found by moving through and past the physical form of this reality. In the Light the human race will be awakened to our true potential and drawn into the Light of unity for all that is postive and good for all. It is time that we understood that we are all in this together and if we help the most needy we are helping ourselves.

We have evoloved physically from the elements of creation, of what the stars and planets are made from. We made are way from single celled organisms; from the sea we grew our legs and then slowly in the time that only affects matter, we became the forms we are today. We lived in our lower minds of the ego so that we could maximize our survival, but then we came to evolve to the piont were we wondered about the meaning of it all. It was then that the higher mind; the Spirit began to speak through the prophets and Divinity made it’s self known. the message basically has been the once we were through our physicl transformation the real work of the Spiritual began and that we are here to grow the garden; the garden of perfection that is made by man’s journey here. That is why it all began so that through the wisdom of knowing that we are all one; the garden will grow and bloom forever in the perfection of perfected love. It is through the many prophets, Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Guru Nanak, White Buffalo Calf Woman, just to name a few; that the Light began to shine through the consciousness of man.

All that needs to be sacrified is the ego. Every day it must be overcome so that we can know the higher mind that leads us to The Light Of Truth.

When light moves through a prism it casts a rainbow, the rainbow of light contains the paths that move us back into the light. Yet these fractures of light make up the path in it’s entirety and so there are many paths that lead us to the Light of Understanding, yet each path is colored by a different perception of understanding; all perception eventually equaling one. Every holy and sacred belief together brings together the full picture of wholeness and leads us back home.

It is in the deepest darkest muck that we evolved and in exploring our own darkness we have made our way back up to the surface of the self; now in the light of our insight and understanding we hold up our treasure to the Light and it’s true beauty sparkles and glows.