by Grace

I will not quote scripture here.. as to many do.. as scripture has been changed, by the ages of time, much lost in translation, many books of scripture lost and destroyed in the editing process of the bible.. many, many hundreds of years ago.. I will and can only give you my perception of Jesus and his work… his purpose..his mission. My perception is not right or wrong.. it us but my perception and relevent as such as it is perception.

Jesus was a rebel.. he came to destroy the temple.. he came to take down organized religion as it was used to manipulate and control the people by fear and greed.

Jesus taught that the temple was within.. that your heart was the place to worship your creator as your heart and your feelings are your connection to GOD as GOD IS LOVE.. to love is to know GOD.. To seek out LOVE IS TO SEEK OUT GOD.

Jesus asked that we pray in private places.. so that we didn’t make a show or our beliefs to manipulate others with guilt.. Jesus was humble as he came into the world in a manger.. wraped in rags.. his parents penniless.. his mother was judged and would have been stoned to death had his step father not stood up for her and saved her from this fate. Jesus never had anything.. he walked the earth.. letting God take care of him.. moment by moment.. He was humble..he never asked for money.. he did not build big fancy expensive temples and churches like we have today.. no he met with his friends and loved ones in tiny rooms.. they ate small meals together.. they loved one another as they were.. they were whores, they were theives, liers.. stinky fishermen..His own mother was a sinner as she had concieved him with out being married first..Jesus talked to the masses out in the open fields of nature.. in the nature that God had created.. the temple of the Universe.. yes Jesus was humble.. he wanted for nothing..he asked for nothing.. but he had everything.

He came to us and like us he was tempted by the world.. by the ego that we name Satan.. he was tempted to have everything.. with his brilliance and his direct connection to God he could of had the world he could have owned everything.. he could of been everything.. but instead he chose to save us through love and a higher understanding that all is one that we are all one.

But the human race did not want to release it self of the world yet.. we were not ready we needed more lessons.. but Christ he had made a connection for us to the divine..dispite that he was sacrificed for his love, tenderness and compassion.. we didn’t want to hear the TRUTH THE WAY AND THE LIGHT.. we were not ready to release ourselves from the ego..we were blind.. we didn’t see grace.. we didn’t see the unconditional love.. he who has an ear let him hear.. we were not ready.

But Christ he knew we would be one day.. he knew one day the churches would be empty that the temples of the world would fall.. that the Temple of the Heart of man would open and all would enter in through we have been starved for we seek out the truth as we feel the soul of man dieing.

Jesus said he would come back again when the world would be as one.. he told us that we are his brothers and his sisters.. he told us that we are all a part of the body of Christ.. he told us that once we saw this he would come and the world would be as one.

So the question that I pose to you in my own perception is this.. If we are all apart of the body of Christ.. if we move as one.. if we feel as one.. if we love as one.. if we be as one.. will Jesus.. will the Christ mind and heart and Spirit be made know through us.. will Jesus come back through us..are we not all Jesus then?

We are Jesus was said to be God’s son.. if we are brothers and sisters through Jesus… than are we all not Jesus? Do you see the connection.. do you see that not one of us has to be a follower of religion to know and understand the Divine.. because with love we can all be saved.. through love is the temple it lives in the heart of Man.. through love we are saved.