AWARENESS…Chapter 16

by Grace

This next chapter is meant to slam it home.. the truth, that we all don’t want t hear and face but what we desperately need to see.

The ageless wisdom that was lost in humankinds need for the thirst for knowledge and personal gain is once again being sought out by the enlightened ones; those who have become fully conscious to the patterns of the karma and their own ego’s need for dominance. It has been through the loss of this wisdom that we have raped the planet earth of her natural resources and spread our own filth over the surface of her beauty. This has all been done in the pursuit of personal wealth and fame. We have sought to live comfortably, with running water, electric lights blazing over the entire planet and then we have polluted the earth’s cleansing waters with our plastics. We have, in the state of our ego’s needs; pushed progress forward in our search for knowledge only to be killing ourselves along with our Great Mother Earth. We say we want a better future for our children, yet we feed them processed food, ignore them as we over work to compete with the societal norm in in the ever increasing need for more stuff and then we create electronic games to keep them satiated. For the first time in the history of our planet we may and are out living our children! We have sickened ourselves with our addictions, with our patterns of surrering, with our need to ignore pain instead fo facing it and moving through what is uncomforable. We are like the living dead!

WAKE UP! WAKE UP! Wake up, screams the old wisdom of the Native peoples; the ones that we called savages. Who are the savages, who are the bringers of death and annihilation of the beauty of natural existance? Do you need me to answer?

If we are to clean the earth we must clear ourselves of the ego, we must reach for humility and understand the entirety of creation; that we are all intertwinded in the great web of life as many Native American cultures teach. We are all connnected in energy, thought and action. If I pour chemicals down the drain we are all effected, if I road rage I may hurt someone else and if I am constantly negative I affect those around me and they affect those around them; a ripple effect is created with that energy that I have put out.

The Native peoples fo this planet are the heart of Mother Earth, the Mind of Father Sky; the children of their conception; the fruit of their creation. In their understanding of birth, life, death, life cycles and all that is cylindrical in nature, we shall relearn through them the old wisdom of creation and healing will begin. The Native are the green growth of the Mother and her emotions as seem in the reflection of the earth’s oceans. they are the wisdom and the mystery that is seen in Father Sky. They have for thousands of years understood the concepts of quantum physics; how we are all a part of the greatness of creation and unlimited by our connection to the Great Spirit; the energy that is all that is, was and ever will be.

We all must take our responsibility in the destruction of ourselves and our planet.. Our souls are crying out to be heard again, we have smothered ourselves in the illusions of denial we have lied to ourselves and each other about our true intentions that have been to avoid our limitless potential.

We have hidden behind comfort devices and addictions so that we don’t have to do the work of our soul’s desire. That is to transcend the lies. The gilded cage of our existence, we are meant to be wild and free expanding in incredible growth; but once you wake up you will never be taken over by the lie’s of the ego again. Once you have transcended, once you have your wings and then take flight and soar above addictions and patterns of abusive behaviors nothing, nothing will bring you back!

Face the pain of the broken heart, learn to love yourself and nurture your soul; free yourself, see your spirit! Love is unlimited; you are loved by your Creator, you will never be alone, you have never been alone, you are everything as you are connnected to everything. the search is over, the longing is through, and you have the unlimited power of creation inside of you. In humility the light will enter in, with the death of the ego, your wings will unfurl and the light and the flight will be yours.

Throught the ages of humanity we have bee told what is acceptable in our belief systems, we have been controlled and caged by shame and condemnation of the masses. Dogma is seen as infallible relvelation; yet nothing that is poured through the human ego of humankind can be seen as infallable.

This is why our spiritual path is our own walk, our minds are our own to think with and our hearts; our own to feel with, you; we are our own authority to question the authorities that be. God the Divine Creator speaks to us directly for this reason, so that we may come to the truth directly. Even this book.. you must question; everything written and created in it and for it. Is it your path it speaks to? Does only a part of this book speak to you,, all of it or none of it? Who am I the author to tell you or assume your way with GOD? Follow your own spirit, mind and heart; that is the way home for you.

There are temples, churches, centers and retreats that help us contact our soul; but we have forgotten how to live in the moment. We have forgotten that the simplest pleasures in life are the greatest treasures, and that they are free as freedom is the greatest gift. Love, good food, good company, nurturing the self and others, self expression and upholding the ones we love; helping and being helped.

In the old dogma of many religions and sects women have been put into the position of weakness and servitude; they have ben led to believe they belong in this subservient roll and that it is the will of God. This was the will of the collective ego in the societies of that time and in these past times they were run by powerful men and only men. Those in power understood that by creating division in the home they would create distraction in the masses and they would be easy to control if they were fighting amongst themselves; What better way to accomplish this than to have men and women in the home emotionally hurting by the war of the sexes. Women were kept birthing and burdened with multiple children while being held back from creating and growing as individual; women still are victimized in this way, even in developed countries.

Sex outside the marriage contract is still a taboo for women. but celebrated for and by men as men are encouraged to conquest in their sexual adventures and women must remain as pure as possible. In the movies the girl who is seen to like sex is the one who is always brutally murdered in the most grotuesque way. How dare she like sex, is the message, she should be saving herself for her knight. There are many cultures in Europe were men are expected to have a mistress and extra marital affairs; yet there are places in the Middle East were if a woman is even suspected of such a disgrace she is burned, drowned or stoned to death.

This isn’t to say that the human race should be expressing their sexuality in an animalistic way; ti is to say that our sexuality is an expression of our freedom and individuality.

Committed love and relationships have out grown the contract of marriage in that we cannot hold ownership over one another, but we can express our love with commitment, integrity and respect for the one we have chosen as our partner.. it is not that marriage should be done away with it is just the legal contract of marriage not the commitment or the marriage celibration with friend and family.. it is just that you can’t legally put a contract on love as love is free.

Sexuality is a beautiful expression of love and creativity; it si also an aspect of the self and the soul. The balance must be found between men and women, the respect for each other’s differences and what we hold as a common thread together and that is the creation of today and tomorrow. If peace is to be made in the home, between men and women; ti would be spread worldwide.. and become world peace.

It is through the achetypical patterns of human charateristics that we may come to realize our divine nature and come to a higher understanding of who we are and why we are here. Before we fell into the ego state.( when I speak of the fall I am speaking about the spiritual fall of mankinds soul from the disconection of the Soul of God) We created our own illusion of seprateness from the divine in our egos seach for knowledge with out wisdom, we were no longer content with just being aspects of God and being Gods and Goddesses in this stae we wanted ownership over God; The ego’s need to trump at all costs, and the cost was we were blinded from the light of truth and divine wisdom. We have been spiraling downward ever since; to the piont of our own destrution. This is why there is so much depressin today, why we turn to psychologist for help, in Jungarian psychology we are trying to contact the sould and the higher mind, the divine self, the archetypes tht live with in and are connected to our spiritual self, the true self.

Examples of achetypes……….

Hero..Savior.. Mentor.. Shaman..Holy man…Gaurdian.. Shape Shifter.. Trickster or Magician.. Fool

The Amina..Female aspects of the soul

The Animus.. Male aspects of the soul

The child… new beginnings

Virgin.. bringer of secret wisdom

Empress or Mother Nature… fertility, creative life force

The Weaver.. moderation.. balance of life.. material and spiritual in harmony

Strength…five senses living with the sixths sense.. intuition

Death… transformation.. shattering the perception of reality

Star.. hope the Angels guidance

Superman.. overcoming limitations

Peter pan…eternal optimist..eternal boy

Tinker Bell.. wishes fullfilled..mischief for fun

These are but a few examples of the archetypes.. there are many.. even hundrends.. some unknown.

We may call upon the achetypical characters so that we may rach out for our highest existance, to accomplish our purpose in this ilife or the pupose that we have been working towards that may have taken many lives t live to reach this state. Many fo us have lived, many lives and in doing so we have played the rold of numerous achetypical charactes.

this is the call to the higher self, the god and goddess of the higher mind that await our return to the light of awareness.. the awareness that there isn’t separation that we are unlimited in our call to become one again with the perfect self.

When in our ego state we think the imagination is only a state of fictional thought, yet it is the emerging of the doorway back to the spiritual realm; the images that we percieve in the old wisdom.. the images in the inner third eye lead us back to the beginning of timlessness, It is here through this doorway the ego dies and enlightenment is granted.

To think and behave as the hero achetype.. yu may become the hero.. to think and behave as the Empress achetype.. you may become the Empress..etc.. the possibilities are endless.

The branches of the tree that are the achetypes are yours to glean at will; the fruit of the tree ripened with your realization of whom and what you truly are. Golden is the fruit of wisdom, the vine grows grapes of rubies; these are yours to harvest at will.

We are Golden, indestructable, immortal and beautful. This will be seen, when we stop poisning ourselves, our children and the earth.