SACRED…. Chapter 14

by Grace

Being is sacred. It is everyone’s own individual experience with God that is sacred; whether it is in nature, in one of the many temples and churches that we build to worship or simply in prayer, this is were we find our own perception of sacred. We understand holiness by morality, the morality of doing unto others as we would have done unto ourselves. It is by seeing through the illusion of the world that we precieve what is sacred; when we let go of selfishness and we embrace the needs of others we realize the path to salvation.

The Savior has come to the entire human race, in every culture in the way in which he/she would be understood at that time and place and by that certain culture. It will be in the acceptance of each other and in the wisdom that we are all one and that we are all on the same journey.. then we will finally reconcile with our Divine origins.

This will happen whe we come to the understanding that not one of us owns GOD, but all of us are a part of GOD.

God’s relationship is different to all of us to meet our specialized and individual needs, God sees us as the individuals that we are but we are all equal in they eyes of God. God speaks to us in the way that we are able to hear and understand God and we speak to God in our own unique way. How is it then that many of us feel that others should have the exact same relationship with the Creator? How is it that may religions seem to think that they are the chosen ones and that everyone else is wrong in their belief systems with the Divine?

The ego wants us to believe we own God, the concepts of God and how we connect with God. The ego wants to CONTROL how we let others experience salvation and truth. It is the ego that causes fanaticism and cultish behaviors. The ego suppresses the fluidity of the Spirit that has been compared to the wind, water, earth and fire. How can man suppress the Spirit when it is in all life and it has been given to comfort all? The ego says the only way that you can have God is the way I let you. As we know the ego feeds itself from our fear. It is the fear of eternal damnation that causes us to damn others, we damn others in the hope that we shall evade damnation in doing so. It is in the judgement of others that we cause ourselves to be judged. All religions teach that we are a part of a whole and that we wish to return to this wholeness after our lifes journeys end. the goal is to help humanity reconcile with the Divine existence; to find truth and return home with this wisdom. We are here in this reality to experience spiritual growth and development for the whole of existance. We are here to grow closer to God and to recognize our genuine self that is also divine. It is all about the growth and the evolution of the human spirit as a whole and about separate spiritual growth.

The tree of life is one of the most sacred symbols of the human spiritual growth and self awareness. Christ is seen as the tree of life in his self sacrifice and resurrection he became the bridge between this reality and the reality of the eternal. In the Kabala the tree of life helps us to evolve and awaken so we can become reconciled with the divine. Buddha is enlightened uder the Bohi tree. the tree gives us the understanding of connectedness with creation; it shows growth and fruition of wisdom in it’s fruit. It is the fruit of the spirit that we harvest at our life’s end. this treasure is the only wealth that we take with us when we leave this world or reality; this is the richness and perfection that eternity is woven from.