by Grace

I am the crazy lady next door.. I am crazy to some because I wish to make a difference.. I am crazy because God speaks to me.. I am crazy because right now the Spirit of Creation has asked me to write this right now.. I am crazy because I know and believe that it is God that runs through me.. that it is GOD that is in everyone and in everything!

I am crazy because I know you who read this are ready to read this.. you have been empty and you wish to be filled.. In my dream God said to me ” REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE” In my dream I was shown how people would act like animals biting and attacking me because I wish for a man to love me and protect me.. because I wanted to be seen and respected because I wanted life to be real.. for people to be real for each other.. for this false reality that we have created to come to an end..so that we can all start living.. really living in awareness and wakefullness…

I wrote about the horrible stuff of real life to lead you here to the real writing to the enlightnment.. I put up the pictures of my flesh to show you that the flesh is nothing to be ashamed of.. that shame keeps us from the light of GOD,, that shame keeps us from God.. God that each and everyone of us are.. we are all a part of the body of GOD and creation.

As it says in the old writing he that hath an ear let him hear.. he that hath and eye let him see.. he that hath a heart let him feel,, he that hath a mind let him think.. he that hath a soul let him know his soul.. the old and the new shall be made whole again.. there will be scribes that will write out the wisdom.. this is the wisdom.

These words are in the bible and in other religious scriptures of religions around the world.. they are not given word for word.. I do not want to get into a fight over the scriptures.. so see that I am giving the general meaning.

We are asleep in the fake world that we have created.. I remember who I am now.. I REMEMBER THAT I AM A PART OF GOD.. I remember what I am here to do now.. I here to wake you.. I here to shake you.. to move you even if that means it makes you angry.. even if it makes you see and think about what you would rather not.. because some don’t want to wake up some don’t want to take responsibility for their own soul and what they have done to others in their own darkness and stupidity.

I am here to use myself and my own life to show you YOURS.. I am here to show you… you

What I post next will be the last few chapters of the book.. they are CHANNELLED… they come through me from a higher place a higher mind… I am but the pen and the paper.. the words are greater than me.

Some may say I am crazy.. some may say I need medication.. some may say I need help.. but did the others who wrote of these things need the same thing.. because you believe in the afterlife do you need this help too. Nothing is new everything exist already.. they are just made new again.. there are many spiritual writers giving you this wisdom in different forms today.. I am one of them…. I guess to some that makes us all crazy.. but the way the world is being driven to insanity daily is crazy.. this is to put a stop to the insanity that we try to ignore.. because it is easier to bury our heads in the sand than to wake up and see that humanity is dieing!

Where does it end.. this fear.. this fear of the SPIRIT that can not be seen but only know in the heart and through wisdom.. so I ask you to judge me on the wisdom… the wisdom that I will set before you like a feast.

The media sprituality is but a light snack compared to what I am about to give to you.. those who are hungry.. those who are thirsty will be filled and satisfied.. then there will be those.. who can see the feast but choose not to eat of it.. they will not be judged as they are not ready yet.. but one day in the next life time or in the next they to will feast of the eternal wisdom.. they will be made whole.