What I Gave My EX For Christmas…

by Grace

First this is what my ex gave me for Christmas.. In court the Judge had said to him it would be the right thing for him to pay back to me the $600 dollars that I had to pay out for day care that was rightfully his expense.. the Judge told him and me that I would have to file another motion and make another court date to get the money back.. he said it would just be the right thing to do.. for him just to pay it to me without all the hassle and without having to waist the courts time.

Well last weekend he left an envelope in my mailbox after picking up the kids for the weekend.. I thought to myself” HE DID IT!..HE GAVE ME BACK THE MONEY CAUSE ITS CHRISTMAS!” I was sure that he had.. that there was a check in the envelope for me and the kids…but nope.. it was a buy out agreement that he had done up himself as he was tring to get out of the separation of the assets as stated in the Separtion Agreement that he had signed in court only a couple of weeks back. Yes I was even shocked and hurt by it.. even with his past behavior.. I thought he was going to man-up.. but NOPE.

Then on top of all that.. he was suposed to pay an old ambulance bill… that was in my name as our son was in my care when he fell down the stairs over a year ago and I had to call an ambulance to have him looked over. He was told to pay it by Fairway Divorce through the mediation process.. he was even given a copy of the bill.. but this morning.. right around Christmas I recieved a collection notice from Revenue Canada for that very bill!

I set him an email..asking him WTF? “It is Christmas; why are you still being such a jerk?” It is the principle isn’t it people.. these are his kids.. they are his family and I am their mother.. you get it..I get it.. but he refuses to see it!!

So this is what I sent him for Christmas… by email I sent him every single one of me sexy Boudoir Photography images.. all 14 of them.. and this is what I said….

” You said when you left me that you had to leave me cause I would always be me. You were right! Know I am even more of me!

You have been spanked! You can suck it! You can bite me!

Merry Christmas” LOL


Now to change the suject this is what made me laugh before I fell to sleep last night………………….

I was thinking about Lucifer’s girlfriend telling me that they wanted to give me a lump of coal for Christmas

Thats Adrian and Tara…

I imagined them comming to my sliding glass door on Christmas morning..and handing me a shiny red box with a bow on it.. a small box that you might put a diamond ring in..

The waited for me to open it and be dismayed and saddened by the lump of coal I found instead of a diamond..

But in my fantasy I am over JOYED at my first piece of coal for Christmas.. as I have never ever recieved such a unique gift… LOL… lUCKY ME!

Then as I laugh and a giggle with the humor of it and try not to roll on the floor laughing.. I calm down to place it tenderly under the empty Christmas Tree…. LOL

As they watch in amazement at how happy they have made me and that they made my Christmas by making me laught my ass off.

So if any of you has any coal..or better yet lumps of coal..