by Grace

I had a dream of God last night.. it was a powerful and loving dream… this is how it began.

I was a child tring to sleep but I was afraid of the dark.. it was very dark and the deep dark woods surrounded my home. I had a man with me.. he was my father.. then as I aged in my dream ( as dreams are timeless.. I went from woman to child..at once.. separate and together as my soul is ) so my father turned into my husband..as it works in daily life.. as women the male role of father is taken up by our husbands.

But the man in my dream couldn’t and wouldn’t help me as men in my waking life.. have never helped me. The man told me not to be afraid in my dream as they have in my waking life.. but as always they are wrong.. they just don’t want to be bothered with the dark and the things that attack at night.

In my dream the door to the cabin wouldn’t stay shut.. I asked him to keep watch for the coyotes.. he said he would but instead he slept.. he was selfish he only cared about his own needs..so the coyotes got in. I could hear them under the bed creeping around in the dark as they stalked me.. he still slept.. and when I woke him to protect me he told me to shut up and he went back to sleep.

The coyotes bit my feet first.. then they niped at my face.. they went for my throat.. I ran out the cabin door into the woods… I cryed for help as they chased me down.. I ran with my red riding cape.. I looked like little red riding hood as the coyotes chased me and hunted me. I cryed for saftey.. I begged for help.. but no man would help me.. the woods were cold and dark.. I hid behind trees.. I hid in the rabbits den.. in the roots of trees.. but they found me and they bit down hard…but the dawn was breaking through…

Then a voice said.. a loud roaring voice like thunder said ” REMEMBER!” the voice said ” REMEBER WHO YOU ARE!”

Then in an instant the sun burst through! The woods were filled with bright sunlight..the rays of light beamed through and the sneaky coyotes cowarded in the light.. they bowed down as the Lion lep from the sun! They scampered away.. they took their lies and deciet with them.. they took the fear with them.

The Lion lept through the sun.. accross the Oceans and onto the earth.. the Lion landed with a THUD! the the earth shook at the first impact of his front paws and shook as his back paws pounded into the planet.. He said to me ” I AM YOUR PROTECTION.. I AM YOUR POWER… YOU HAVE POWER..YOU HAVE STRENGTH AND COURAGE THROUGH ME!”