It”s Sad

by Grace

It was my intention to stop the bullying by Lucifer and his girlfrien by publishing the story.. without their names or identities.. I told him about the writing to be civil and inform him that; he was a part of my life experience and that is why I had writen about him.. but because they are dysfuntional people looking for drama.. they choose to go off the deep end. In my writing about addiction I explain how people can become addicted to drama, do to the fact that if you are causing and seeking out drama you do not have to work your life or yourself.. it is a distraction from facing your own inner truth.

Dealing with these two people; I can easily be sucked into their drama and headgames.. they are both seasoned experts at it.. professionals really!

To some extent I can feel this happening and that is why I choose to give it no more room.. it cheapens the real meaning of this site.. I am not about trash I am about treasure.

They gave me and you a great example of what not to do in our own lives.. they helped me to be brave; by having to stand my ground and stand up to their abuse.

It is also true that it was entertaining as all smutt is.

But if I continue to give this room I am enabling their sickness, I am feeding the EGO.. so now it is time to move away from this darkness and use it only to sustain the light and the truth of the spiritual writings.

I do feel sad for them both.. to want to hurt others is to hurt even more deeply yourself..

I wish and pray for them a release from their pain, bitterness and dysfunction.

But other than that there is nothing more I can do here.